Marion Doren

Also known as Marion Walker Doren. American author of a handful of children's books which are mostly about children struggling to cope in quite challenging and unpleasant situations. Her one pony story is perhaps the least dark of her books.

I do not have any other information about the author - if anyone can provide some background I would be very pleased to hear from you.

Horse & Pony Books:

Paperback original
SUMMARY: Meg is unhappy: her parents can't afford to buy her the pony she longs for and the snooty girls at the stables where she rides make fun of her. Then her dream comes true when she is given a Shetland called Beauty. But life does not suddenly become perfect now she has a pony, in fact her troubles could just be beginning...

Collector's Info:
First edition was paperback. It was not reprinted. Easy to find in the USA, a lot harder elsewhere.